Get to know Freelance On-set Tailor

With a degree in Film and TV Production, Hannah focused on Costume and Film History, graduating from London Guildhall University, in 2004, she went onto work in TV then Advertising, managing and producing Photographers and Stylists, between London and Paris.

She soon realised she wanted to be known in the industry for her own speciality trade and talent, particularly coming from a family of Artists herself. Although she was raised in a small coastal village in Devon, England, three generations of Geraghty’s before worked in the Motion Picture Business. Although they were long gone, she felt the creativity in her blood and was inspired!

Hannah was accepted into London College of Fashion in 2007 and studied Handcraft Tailoring at London College of Fashion, in Shoreditch, part of University of the Arts London (UAL). Here Hannah specialised in well made, luxury garment construction, privileged enough to learn some of the oldest English Handcraft techniques, from superb Artisans.

She apprenticed in traditional Menswear clothing construction, under Tailors in the West-End, who cut and sew for Saville Row, Paul Smith and Angels Costumier. She also Interned at Glyndebourne Opera in Brighton.

She then gained a position in the LAOpera Costume Shop, as Assistant Tailor in the Menswear Department, in 2009. Here in Los Angeles, she found her skills and experience were needed Onset, for various motion productions in and around Hollywood’s studios. Her work has been most valued within the Arts, but also in High Fashion to establish Couture standards and a superior Tailored fit.

Later, she signed to an Agent in New York and in London, who mainly book her to Tailor A-list celebrities and Tailor commercials. Costume designers and Producers contact her independently to join their costume-making departments, on Film and TV productions.

Hannah has been sewing since she was 6 years old, learning from her Grandma, raised to ‘mend or make do’. She’s motivated by her life-long interest in sustainability, valuing quality over quantity. Loved clothes last longer. She strives to empower her clients by encouraging the use of natural eco-friendly fabrics, supporting their performance with the reminder of breath work, combined with the notion of strength and beauty coming from the inside.

She purposefully trained as a Yoga and Meditation Teacher to complement her unique approach to Tailoring, which incorporates a strong emphasis on health while designing and tailoring comfortable, practical garments clients. From A-listers and royalty to children and neighbourhood customers, Hannah is repeatedly called back for her signature style of creating a sense of comfort and practicality in clothes, offering ease of mind to establish confidence in them.

‘Feel good, look good, do good’

2020 gave Hannah the opportunity to slow down and take a breath herself! She has developed a real passion for teaching handcrafts skills, particularly to children. The positive response from the kids and parents has been fantastic, as endless physical and mental benefits of handcrafting are witnessed within communities. Classes as soon to be shared digitally.

Hannah is also developing a sustainable line of clothes and accessories, RoseBeat, soon to be available here in Oahu and eventually online. She aims to source alternative fabrics, make them locally and design each piece to be as versatile as possible. One dress in the making you can wear 8 different ways!

Hannah’s clients have included: Burberry, Liberty of London, Johnny Depp, Daniel Craig, Anne Hathaway, The NY Met Opera, American Ballet Theatre, LA Opera, Brooks Brothers, American Eagle, Bloomingdales, Paramount, Universal, Vanity Fair and The Hollywood Reporter to name a few.

Clients - Hannah Geraghty