Fitted in your home or my own home studio

I’ve been dubbed as a Sustainable Stylist by many, with my ability and enthusiasm to mend and alter people’s clothes. I give consultations on clients’ wardrobes and establish how I can ensure loved garments are worn for as long as possible, and not slung into landfills. I will gladly diagnose how to save your old or ill-fitting garments by repurposing, reusing and recycling wherever possible.

I tailor the silhouette with a keen eye for a style according to each body type and proportion. We improve the comfort and the longevity of the garment with tweaks and changes or mend wears and tears to resurrect the garment. 

Appointments are taken in my studio or in clients homes, where I can consider the whole wardrobe and see how pieces can be styled and revamped with other accessories. The way a well-Tailored garment self-empowers the wearer, must not be underestimated!