Costume Maker (Film/TV/Opera/ Theatre)

Having specialised in Handcraft Tailoring, I have worked mostly in the Menswear Department of Costume Shops. A skill strength is also hand-finishing, and so I am often brought into Womenswear, to work with details such as lace, trim and beading embellishment. Tailoring in these permanently set up workshops has mostly been for Opera Houses, Theatre and Films. Work here ranges from ‘new-builds’, where a garment is started from scratch for the Costume Designer, or on alterations straight from talent fittings. Working directly under the Head Cutter of the Tailoring team, recent career progress has been working more as a Junior Cutter as well as a Machinist.

The joy is being able to watch the costumes move on the screen, or stage if you’re lucky enough to score a ticket in the backstage lottery!