For fashion houses and private labels like Burberry and Liberty.

As part of the team of Inhouse sample makers, we tailor the garments handed to us after the fittings with the models. During the weeks leading up to Fashion week, for example, we ensure the garments fit exactly as the Designer specifies before they are sent to walk the runway shows.

I also work independently, from my own studio or L’Atelier, commissioned to make up the initial samples for these high-end Fashion houses. I follow their sketches and patterns provided, then cut and sew the cloth accordingly. Consultation on how and where the development of the garment can be improved is often required and becomes a conversation between myself, the brands’ Designers and the Factories Production Manager.

The quality of these shows and photographs achieved through the strength and speed of these collaborations never ceases to amaze me!

In my Portfolio, you will find out more on my work with Burberry, Hugo Boss, Liberty.